Image of leading women for the ocean in front of she4sea banner
June 10, 2024
Empowering Women's Voices in Maritime Sustainability: HELMEPA Conference Highlights
On June 5, 2024, World Environment Day, the HELMEPA Conference on "Shipping Resilience to Climate Change" took place at the Posidonia Conference Hall, Metropolitan Expo in Greece. This event highlighted the maritime industry's commitment to tackling climate change.

Maria Damanaki, co-founder of Leading Women for the Ocean, was a key speaker, amplifying women's voices in ocean conservation and sustainable economic practices.

The conference featured discussions on reducing carbon emissions and enhancing industry resilience, with contributions from leaders like Hing Chao, Alexia Inglesis, and Evangelos Marinakis.

The She4Sea initiative, showcased at the event, highlighted efforts to de-gender career opportunities and empower women in the blue economy.


Join us at Leading Women for the Ocean as we continue to champion sustainable practices and empower women leaders in the blue economy. Together, we can secure a healthier future for our ocean.